A bit later in life.

I have been working a lot this summer so I haven’t had a lot of time over for other things other than sleep. This week is the last week of this summer holiday and my only whole week off. Before meeting up with Alex and David, about a film project that is never going to happen… I stopped by the pharmacy and bought myself a menstruation cup, something I have wanted for years now. So happy!

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Boys wear nail-polish too

I have now spent my last two-hour-shift painting nails on the camping. I have painted nails, mostly on young girls. As i sat there and had them in front of me I came to think of how great of an opportunity it was to ask some questions. Just to see how early the patriarchy begins to really affect our life-choices. Most of them were between 6-13 years old.

When I asked what they wanted to become when they grew up the most common answers were things like, doctor, police, scientist etc. Big dreams and jobs that unfortunately are male-dominated, just like the majority of jobs that exist. And when I asked what their favourite subject in school was most of them answered math. Then tell me why jobs that require a high level of education in math are male-dominated? Why isn’t it equal if there, obviously, are girls out there with these big dreams and love for math as well?

The patriarchy slaps us in the face as soon as we are born. We are all raised by a society that expect different things from us, what is expected is decided by what we carry or lack between our legs. (A little side-note: Have you ever realized that the girls are the ones who lack a penis and not the boys who lack a vagina??? It’s because a penis is what you should have to be on the top of the hierarchy in this society, and the ones on top set the rules.)

I noticed how some boys looked a bit curious at what I was doing and I looked up and always asked if they wanted their nails painted as well. I was met by a laugh and the commentaries from the group of boys behind “that’s just for girls”, “don’t be a sissy”.

Their parents form them and they form each other into this stereotypical “macho man” and they are hurt by the patriarchy just as much as the girls that stood, big eyed, behind me and stared at what I was doing. They, just like girls, get pushed into stereotypes filled with expectations and shoes that some of us just cant fill.

I told the group of boys, leaving my table in the sun “I know a lot of boys that wear nail-polish, it’s really cool for everyone to wear it.” They just laugh a bit louder but one boy looked back at me for a millisecond, but then one boy nudged him on the shoulder and they both left. I said behind them “Boys wear nail-polish too.”.

“Jag kommer följa dig tills du dör”

Julia Lidman:

Så sant.

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Denna text kommer bli delvis personligt och jag kommer tala om något jag inte ens vet om mina föräldrar har full koll på att det skett.

När jag var 19 träffade jag en man på en buss, vi småpratade lite under resan (ca 15 minuter innan jag hoppade av), bara sånt där litet kallprat, om vädret, universitetet jag just börjat på. Inget personligt alls. När jag gick av sa han hejdå, och la till “vi kanske ses”. “Ja, hejdå” svarade jag. Ungefär 4 veckor senare får jag ett sms: “Hej, du kanske kommer ihåg mig, vi träffades på bussen för ett tag sedan, har du lust att ses?Jag står utanför din lägenhet nu”. Var lyckligtvis inte hemma denna gång utan hos min pojkvän. Skrev tillbaka att jag inte ville ses, att jag tyckte det var obehagligt att han var vid mitt hem och att han skulle gå. Detta var inledningen…

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Nordic forum 2014

Came home today from Nordic Forum 2014, a huge feminist forum. It has been four days full of seminars on different topics. We were 8 representatives from Athena that went there. I met amazing people, for me heroes in the feminist fight. I met, amongst a lot of other people, Gudrun Schyman, spokesperson for the Feminist Initiative Party, Michaela Larsson, who bloggs a lot on the topic of feminism, Tiffany Kronlöf, amazing artist who also appears on the online-show Full Patte etc. It was really cool and they were all so sweet and nice people.




We as Athena interviewed a lot of people, celebrities and others that attended the forum for an upcoming project. So excited!







The trip to Malmö has given us very much. We have developed as humans and learned a lot. But even if it mostly was fantastic we left the forum not quite as happy as we had hoped. “Feminism, anti-racism go hand in hand, it’s a fight that should be fought together” has been repeated like a mantra throughout the weekend, an inclusive feminism has been advocated in four days time. But none of us could fail to notice that there was a great lack of transgender perspective issues and the speakers consisted too much of white people. There were also large gaps when it came to disabled people.

At the closing ceremony Solveig Horne, from the Fremskrittspartiet, entered the stage. It is a Norwegian Party that is a racist and fascist party that at the last election was mandated in the Norwegian government. Solveig Horne is Norway’s Gender Equality minister and has spoken out very QTBH-hostile and said that rape victims should take their own responsibility. Solveig Horne’s involvement in a feminist forum is just one more example where fascism gets its own seat in the public parlor. This did upset us deeply but also motivated us, motivated us to continue and show us that we still have a very long way to go. When such a serious forum has such major flaws, it tells us so much about that the word “intersectionality” means nothing without action.