Society tells me to live

Time is slipping away, and I’m not even that old yet. I have my whole life left to live. And I think that that is the problem… that I have to live my life. And, if you ask society, living is defined by doing a lot of stuff, succeed and be happy, happy all the time. I know that how you want to live your life is in the end up to you. But it doesn’t help that society is knocking on your door with self-fulfilling things and ideas. The pressure to succeed in a career and become successful creates the feeling of failure of those who fall short of what is classed as a successful life.

And the fact that more people than ever suffers from depression. I think that that is quite scary… Is this how it’s supposed to be? Are people supposed to live under preassure, are kids supposed to grow up in a society where money and self-fulfilliness is the key? I’m not sure I want that… Altough I don’t think that everyone can see what I’m seeing, it might just be so that I am more affected by the, maybe not even notiicable, preassure…

But I think that everyone sometime during life feels like they have to acomplish something and often without even knowing the real reason why, except for the desire to succeed. Who’s fault is this? My guess, everyone’s since we are the society, all of us living humans.


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