Adorn your body since it’s yours

I’m not sure if I believe that there will be any changes in this world. I hate how the preconception on how women should look still plays an important role in how you judge women and girls of all ages. If you ask me a woman should be able to wear whatever she’d like no matter what. Nothing is “asking for it” and nothing should define a woman by the amount of clothes that she puts on her body. All of this judging only contributes to the way women are seen, as props and just a body that should dress the way society think is apropriate. But the thing is that she isn’t only a body. She is a body with a soul and with feelings. No one should be able to tell anyone what to wear. This have lead to that some are afraid to dress a certain way just because they are afraid of the way society will see them. The fact is, that you should be able to walk around naked and still not “asking for it” or give anyone the right to call you a whore or a slut.

It’s your body and no one can tell you how to adorn it.

I can tell you that I’m not done with this matter…

flimsyy:roseaposey:“Judgments”I took this last year, but in retrospect, I think it’s my strongest piece from high school.Working on this project really made me examine my own opinions, preconceptions and prejudices about “slutty” women and women who choose to cover all of their skin alike. I used to assume that all women who wore Hijabs were being oppressed, slut-shame, and look down on and judge any woman who didn’t express her sexuality in a way that I found appropriate.I’d like to think I’m more open now.Woah, I love this. 


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