Please accept my thoughts

The thing about thoughts and opinions is that we all have them, that is what we have in common as humans. I can really enjoy a good conversation where you discuss opinions and thoughts, but only if you discuss in a way that is accepting. I want to have my opinions and therefor I will let you have yours as long as you can accept mine. To be able to discuss and develop as a person I think that you have to be able to see things differently and also be able to admit when you are wrong and abandon your opinions if they are no longer on firm grounds. As soon as the one that you discuss with starts to attack you on a personal level that person has already lost the discussion.

I can’t stand discussing with someone that is unable to see things from a different point of view or someone that gives the same argument even if it’s already refuted. The belief that discussion and seeing things from others perspective can broaden your view and improve your own arguments gives me a reason to try being as accepting as possible.

“Don’t raise your voice. Improve your arguments.”


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