Something about cafés

Last Friday, me and some friends sat on a café. There is something about cafés, something that makes you talk. The way you can sit by a table with plenty of people around you and still talk deep and personal is quite extraordinary. The low murmurs around you creates a barrier between the people by your table and the rest of the coffee-craving guests. At a café you can sit and talk for hours without even noticing how the time flies by.

We got into some really interesting subjects, mostly about self-esteem and psychology. A little more than two hours went by and it had began to darken outside before we made us ready to leave. The café closes at four and by the time there were only half an hour left the amount of guests had definately decreased. The café emptied, slowly but steadily. The thing about cafées is that it is a place to get together. It is no ones home and therefore is everybody at the same level, no host and no guests.


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