Is it the womans fault if she get’s raped?

Why are the ever asked question in a trial of a crime where a man, or in some cases many men have raped a woman “What was the victim wearing?”. Why is that the most frequently asked one? Is that even important? It seems like it is. But according to me, it shouldn’t. I think that the question should be “Why did the man rape?”. So many women are afraid of reporting what they have been through just because they are afraid of not being taken serious or that they are aware of that they were a bit drunk and therefor are scared that no one will belive the incident as a rape. Whatever you were wearing or what condition you were in it shouldn’t matter. As I have written in an earlier post, no one should be able to judge you by your clothes.

If the clothes is the most important matter than how on earth should we be able to move on from here? No progress will be made. It’s so sad and totally unreasonable that a man can get freed from a rape accusation because the judge indicates that the woman was wearing a provocative outfit or was not in a helpless state. A rape is a rape no matter what and ever woman should be able to walk around safely without feeling guilty if she becomes a victim of rape. Instead of teaching women not to wear certain clothes we should teach men not to rape (that should be obvious though). Rape doesn’t happen because of the woman. But society blames the woman depending on what clothes she wore, how drunk she was and so on. They make it seem like it’s the womans fault all together and therefore suppresses the guilt women feel and therefore only 40/100 rapes get reported.

And I know that there are men that become victims for rape and that is just as bad and should definately not happen. This post covers some of the women’s issues when it comes to rape. I will cover the men’s issues in another post since I think that that is just as terrible. 


Source of statistics


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