What happens is just a fragment

The darkness is closing in. Everything turns black in a matter of seconds and I don’t even realize when the light is shining through my window. Because when I turn around to look at it, pull in the warmth, it is already gone and replaced by total darkness. Everything I do is just a fly in the soup and just a fragment of a lifetime, my lifetime.  Nothing I do or say will matter that much in a few years. But at the same time, it will lead me in one direction and everything I say or do will affect the rest of my life in some extent. I can change my own destiny with one word or affect another person with just one look. It’s my choise but at the same time I want to think that I only do what has already been predicted. On the other hand though, in the end will we all die and nothing we made of our lives will matter here on earth anymore.

Okay… I’m not sure I got any smarter from this.


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