I can’t make myself fit the mold

Sometimes I wonder if the mold is made to fit or if the mold is made with the intention to not fit anyone. It’s made to make you hate yourself, despise every bit of you and see the wrong and bad things about you. It’s all about money, all about how the industries can make money and a fortune out of your dissatisfaction with yourself.

Not everybody fits into the category, white, thin and rich. To be successful you have to look good and on top of that also have the money to make yourself fit the mold that society shows is the way to be. But it’s also a question about etnicity. Whenever I open up a fashion magazine the majority of the women are white and thin. And the western standard of beauty is influencing all parts of the world. If you look over in Asia you can definately see how this is affecting women, how they bleach their hair, their skin and even go through plastic surgery. And african women living in europe or the US are wearing wigs because of their dissatisfaction with their own natural hair. Everyone has felt the preassure no matter where you come from or how you look. Some notice it and make conscious decisions while some get affected on a subconscious level and some doesn’t even feel anything. It all depends on the person.

Misapprehend me not. Men also have alot of pressure on them. But because it is men that have most influence, when it comes to power, the patriarchy gives men the freedom to totally ignore the mold over how the perfect man should be. And that without anyone saying a shit about it…


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