So much more than Feminism

Many times the newspapers have been posting articles about rapes. But many of the articles blames the victim, mentions her clothes and, implicitly, how she maybe was asking for it. But it’s never her fault. Like the article that New York Times posted about the eleven year old girl that got gang-raped by, suspected, eighteen boys in the age range from middle-schoolers to a 27-year-old. And somehow the article seems to turn around and blame the victim! How is this even possible? It was a few years ago, but still as disturbing as ever.

I know how most people think about feminists as the man-hating crazy women. But no. I have talked about this before, I know. But many thinks that feminism is about having the same wages and the same rights, and yes that is a part of it. But still, just a part of it. There is so much more. And if you just look at the wages then I can agree with some that says that we maybe don’t need that much feminism anymore. But feminism is also about how we look at women. How it is wrong to get objectified and being looked down at by society.

This is why we need feminism, not just because of the wages, but for the individual human being and how society looks at women. It should never be a womans fault for getting raped, and women should never get objectified in advertisment without anyone noticing it. I hope that you can understand that feminism is so much more than what you maybe thought.

Read the article, plus articles about the article, here:


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