My opinion is probably unnecessary

I read a post from hejblekk yesterday about obesity and how she hates how Sweden is such a diet-obsessed country and how we talk too little about how good food really is and too much about diets. And how fatshame and body-negative is something that is like the worse thing ever. But I think that she looks too blind on this matter, too convinced about her own opinion. It’s not just black and white.

Here it is: (Swedish)

My oppinion is that people should look just the way they do and love themselves for who they are. But you can’t ignore the fact that severe obesity is a health risk and not good for anyone and so is anorextia and  I belive that there is nothing wrong with having a brief overview over what you eat as long as you enjoy eating. Because we need food to survive so why not eat things that we like.

You wouldn’t want to see the comments on that post. No one hated on the blogger for what she wrote but everybody hated on the commentators that said anything about health risks and telling about their own experiences about the discomfort they had in their own body when they were bit chubby. I mean why can’t people do whatever they want to feel comfortable in their own bodies. But on the other hand who makes them feel uncomfortable? Well, society… with other words, we all. Fat-shame got stamped on any commentator that mentioned anything about how obesity actually can increase the risk for dieabetes and heart diseases.

My comment on this is probably unnecessary since so many already have told their opinion on this matter. But here is something I think we all should ponder about. “Who would we think is beautiful if society didn’t tell us who was?” 


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