This is rape culture

Warning: A bit of triggering shit.

Is it hard to understand that we live in a rape culture? Well since you see it as normal you maybe haven’t thought about it. But it isn’t supposed to be normal. I mean, just read on the picture below to see that it isn’t the way for it to be and that no one can have the right to another persons body. It is just as wrong as anything else, an even more so. A rape is always a rape no matter what and the victim is always the victim. So stop normalizing it!



3 thoughts on “This is rape culture

  1. This week I got into it with a group of Black Feminist that tried to paint American rape culture as a African-American male “thing” that other groups of men *read white guys* don’t take part in. It was maddening to say the least but I am glad to see a real feminist take a much more holistic view of the problem.

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