New Year’s resolutions

Any New Year’s eve resolutions given at the end of any year should not should not take effect until the second of January. I belive so since it is hard to begin one’s promises at the strike of midnight. Wouldn’t it be nice if the first of January would be like a blank day?

I usually don’t make any promises in the fear of disappointing myself for not being able to fulfill them… But this year I have given myself some, not resolutions but guidelines to perhaps make 2014 a slightly better year. One of these are to belive that I can do things even if I bring myself down. With other words to dare. And I think that something you should think about every day is to smile. Smiles usually make you feel better inside even if it is a tough day.

So now I’m going to wrap myself into my duvet and watch some series with a smile on my lips just because I know I can succeed with this task.



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