Why do we need feminism

So many people, including myself, have at least once wondered why feminism is necessary. I can tell you a bunch of reasons to why it is something that we need, even if you say that it is sexist to be a feminist or that men are just as worthy as women. Yes they are, but men are also treated badly because of the patriarchy which feminists want to break down. The patriarchy is just like a stronghold built by men which you only get access to if you fit in. If you don’t fit in you get thrown out and trust me, the stronghold won’t consider your gender.

Here are 33 reasons to why we need feminism:


Source: http://trettiotreanledningar.com/33-reasons-to-be-a-feminist/


4 thoughts on “Why do we need feminism

  1. SOOOO powerful! Thank you for posting this.

    I wrote about our horrific rape culture today, too. Check it out!

    I am sharing this and following your work. Looking forward to your future posts!

  2. This is a really strong post, I’m really glad you’re calling out this whole “god, just get a sense of humour!” side of sexism. It’s so frustrating to be treated like a killjoy for standing up for myself.

    1. I agree with you and think that taking sexism for bad humor is just an ignorant way of saying that it is okay and that the patriarchy is something that makes the world go round. Someone who jokes sexism and feminism away is just not truly aware of what is happening in society.

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