Good Sweden

I just watched a one hour long program about feminism. When I first heard about it, I think it was yesterday by a friend of mine, I thought “Great finally!”. It could have been so great, a great way of educating people about what feminism is about and cure the ignorance people have about what feminism is about. It could have been a program that could explain and dig deep down to understand today’s feminism. But no, it wasn’t, not if you judge by today’s program…

It was one hour of non investigative pondering for Belinda Olsson. It was one hour filled with prejudices and claims about today’s feminism and only fed the flames about the stereotypical feminist. The program is based on Olssons own uncertainty about what she once was so sure about. I could barely stand to watch everything though. I sighed over the angle of the program. Felt like they twisted feminism into something distasteful, unnecessary and slightly irrelevant just like the already existing prejudices.

This program is not what Swedish feminism needs. It is a program that reinforces prejudices and feminism appear more extreme than ever. A program that risk causing a rift between feminists rather than create a broader understanding of what it is really about. But Belinda Olsson is right about that there is a gap between the middle-class media-feminist and many of the women who are fighting so hard to get their lives together that they don’t have the time or energy on get involved in things like “hen”. But that’s nothing new . It is not an indication that feminism has gone too far. And there is no contradiction in fighting for gender-equality in parallel with commitment against honor-violence. 

Feminists have fought to improve the lives of everyone. Yesterday’s feminists were by no means non- controversial , just as today’s feminists are. Incomprehensible that a personal like this may take such a central spot in a TV series on this important topic. SVT and Belinda Olsson can do better. An understanding and agreement is what I demand in the last of three programs, which may well be said to partially compensate for this failed episode.


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