Who cares ?

Now my hair is close to 5 cm shorter than half an hour ago. It is always so scary to cut your hair. And I believe that I have the right to be so since it never turns out good, so that’s why I won’t show you. But who cares, really?

Well first of all, nearly everybody cares about their looks whether it is intentionally or not. I don’t want to care that my hair looks like a nest right now, but the truth is that I do. Why even care? Do we bother for ourselves or for everybody that we meet? Well, both. We care because others care and it makes us feel good that others like how we look, it boosts our confidence. Why do we care about how others look then? I’ll say that it is because of the media that sets the trends and shows us what is supposed to be in fashion and what is supposed to be out-dated. Can you see how it spins around in a circle?

This appearance-obsessed circle has a lot of downsides. But I can’t deny that it is good sometimes, when it makes others feel good about themselves, everybody deserves to feel good about themselves. But with up comes down and I haven’t made up my mind what overshadows the other…


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