I don’t even know where to begin… I saw this a few days ago and got pissed off.  Can’t you see how this is objectifying and plain horrible? Why should women be the loosely clothed and the ones that, if good looking, raise a mans status?

Take a look for yourself. No, don’t! Yes, do… or?



8 thoughts on “Objectifying

  1. This makes me angry too but it isn’t the first – and isn’t going to be the last – thing that objectifys women. I feel like we all become a little bit desensitized to this sort of thing because we see it everywhere. I’m glad that there are people out there like you and me fighting for the right to be seen as more than just a body x

    1. Yes I know, and it’s sad that it is this way. That people are blind for what media shows us and that there is so much more. So yes, I’m so glad for everybody out there that notices and raises awareness for things like this, normal things in society that secretly crawls their way into our brains.

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