Different statuses

Don’t step on others feet! Sometimes in a discussion you might offend someone by words you use even if that wasn’t your intention. If someone says that they feel offended by something you said, apologize. Don’t ignore, don’t defend yourself and never ever attack the one who pointed out. Because you can not decide if someone felt offended or hurt.

Because of our history and the power play between different countries we have adapted some sort of status-ladder where you can have high, respective, low status in a matter.If you are white and discussing racism. Cis and discuss transgender issues. Man and discusses women’s rights. Financially secure and discusses begging. That means that you are privileged and won’t  suffer from oppression in the question and therefore you are not allowed to take interpretation prevail. The black person define what rasism is, not the white.

It is so easy for people with privileges to not notice what they have. They can walk around and say whatever they feel like and think that it should be okay because they don’t suffer from it. Instead, use your privilege to help others.


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