Masculinity is more valuable

Women are downgraded because masculinity is valued higher in todays society, we learn this as early as in our childhood. That is how deeply rooted the patriarchy is. Masculinity and femininity are each other’s opposites and if you question these categories ,by different acts, society can’t process you as a person, suddenly you have become something abnormal.

In kindergarten , it is okay for a girl to play with cars and hang out with the guys , it is even considered as “cool”. But if a guy is playing with dolls and hang out with the girls he is seen down upon by the other guys as a ” fagot “. Even parents can start to get worried ” he might be gay”.

Men and women assess each other based on different criteria. Women assess men based on their social confidence and success while men assess women based on appearance, freshness and social skills. This proves how we think that men are entitled to opinions, to take place and be heard while the woman just needs to look good and be social.

Women who dress manly can even get more respect than if they dress feminin. But if a man comes with a dress he would get strange looks and people would make fun off him. Masculinity is more valuable than femininity when it comes to the right to have opinions, speak up and have a position of power in society.

I’m not saying that men are the same as women. All I mean is that, even though there are physical and mental differences between men and women, we should all have the same opportunities to voice our opinions, have a career and get judge by our personality, not by our sex.


One thought on “Masculinity is more valuable

  1. entirely true ,,,,,,,,,, and to achieve a perfectly gender equal society we will have to teach kids right from the beginning ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, their should be any feminine or masculine qualities, in reality only biological differences exist the masculine and feminine differences are created by the society ,,,,,,,,,

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