Not equally serious as a cake in the face?

Okay someone please shoot the world in its core so it will explode and kill all humans on earth! In Malmö, Sweden, six people who attended a peaceful demonstration had to be sent to hospital due to an attack by nazis. The demonstration was an international womens day manifestation and they demonstrated against violence against women. According to the police and witnesses the attackers were nazis. The attackers had knives and it is most likely that the attack was an attempted murder.

This is horrible but what is even worse is how the news talk about it and write about it. They call it a political fight between parties . But when SD’s leader got a cake in the face it was a crime against democracy. How even? How can this then not be a just as serious crime when people peacefully demonstrate against violence and become attacked by natzies because of their political opinion. Why isn’t that written about, how this was a huge threat against our democracy?

That is what scares me, that nazism and racism is growing all over Sweden. Everybody knows it but it gets ignored. Aren’t you all scared? Aren’t you scared that a growing number of Swedens population is losing acceptance and love for others? Why won’t anyone do something about this? We are just sitting, watching as it happens, hoping for it to turn out right somehow without lifting a finger…


4 thoughts on “Not equally serious as a cake in the face?

  1. I think it is interesting that you use the word “Nazi.” I have not heard much about this. What exactly, in your words, is going on? Is it a particular group of people– the word we so frequently use here in the States is “terrorist.” What are the cultural dividing lines of racism there?

    1. I’m not sure what you wonder about but I can tell you that Nazis are people who with the ideology that the people are more valuable than the individual. Nazis are here in Sweden associated with rasism and extreme politics and they use words like the “Aryan race” and where this image is seen as the perfect man. Neo-Nazis in Sweden is characterized strongly out of old germany. Many neo-Nazis advocate the holocaust denial and the Holocaust minimization. The word “Terrorist” is not used here in Sweden very often. We usually associate the word with the USA…

      1. We have Nazis here as well, but they are more small.. cult-ish kind of groups that are regulated. I am so sorry your community is experiencing this. Sometimes it seems crazy to me that people who believe in the “perfect race” still exist.
        Good luck and keep writing,

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