Advertising’s image of women

Watch this and understand that this is how it is. I don’t like the statement “this is how it is” because there is often more than one answer. But this is actually how it is, no matter how you flip and turn this issue. Remember that this is just a trailer to a lecture  about this topic that you can find, cut in parts,  on Youtube. I definately recomend you to take a look.


One thought on “Advertising’s image of women

  1. This makes me feel a flood of different emotions, angry, irritaded, sad and helpless. This isn’t how it should be. Women are not objects you can treat and use as it fits you. I want to slap humanity silly and tell them this isn’t right. But this isn’t something that will change over night it will be a long and hard struggle that most likely will last a whole lifetime and maybe longer, wich is why I feel helpless. But I think it’s worth the time and energy it’ll take to make the world a better place for the ones that’ll inhabit it after us and the more of us that stands up for what’s right the faster something can start happening.
    Just my thoughts and opinions on the matter.

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