The weather is mocking me

Okay last week the weather was like all sunny and everything, warm and cosy, beginning of spring. But this week someone is messing with me…

Weather: Hey let’s jump to summer and skip a decent winter!

Me: NO! I want a real winter. A cold winter with snow, and sun!

Weather: No, I decide. Let there be sun and spring, now!

Me: Well, I’ll better get used to it since I can’t do anything about it.

Weather: Good, I’ll let everything begin to bloom aswell so you get the real sping-feeling with pollen and all.

Me: I’ll just begin to eat more medicine and I’ll be allright. This isn’t that bad after all, let’s just enjoy the light and the, not so dull and gray, days.

Weathes: Just kidding! *Bam* Snow all over the place!


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