I am a combination of letters

My personality type is ENFP based out of Myer-Briggs personality test created by Isabell Myers and her mother, Katherine C Brigg. I have done this test before but on another website where you only could answer “YES” or “NO”. But I found another test where you could choose your answer on a scale going from “completely agreeing” to “completely disagreeing”. This time it felt more accurate. The description of the personality type I got seemed, at times, totally out of track but most of it was spot on.

I took a few quotes from the text describing my personality type that I think is pretty veracious:

“If they are not careful, this personality trait can lower their self-esteem.”

“They seek meaning and are very interested in other people’s motives, seeing life as a big, complex puzzle where everything is connected.”

“ENFP personalities are usually characterized by high levels of enthusiasm, especially when it comes to things that spark their imagination.”

“Their talents are numerous, but they all depend on the ENFP being given enough freedom.”

“Not every friend can cope with the never-ending stream of ideas and topics that an ENFP’s mind can generate.”

I know, or at least I hope, that I am a lot more than a combination of letters anyone can describe. But I think that this stuff is darn cool.


You can do it here and tell me what you got: http://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test


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