Three hundred years later… Another award nominee, which is a four-in-one award. I am extremely glad and thankful to the lovely Writer X who nominated me for this award. These award things are, as I interpret it, more like a chain-mail. But it’s still amazing to get nominated.

1. The Influential Blogger Award

20140328-083506 pm.jpg

2. The Awesome Blog Content Award

20140328-083611 pm.jpg

3. The Inner Peace Award

20140328-083639 pm.jpg

4. The Sunshine Award

20140328-083709 pm.jpg


The Rules

  1. Thank the person/s who nominated you.
  2. Nominate other people.
  3. Describe yourself with the alphabet.
  4. Notify your nominees.
  5. Have a fabulous day!

Me from A-Z(Ö) 

Artist.I love beeing creative and I have several ways to get my creative outlet. For example I like dancing, singing, writing, painting etc.

Books. Reading is one of my many passions.

Cats. I love cats. They are so cute and so smart and cosy and so on and so forth.

Dare. I want to dare, I dream to dare, but I can’t.

Eating. Food is tasty and good for you. Especially cookies and cake.

Flying. My biggest, unachievable dream in this entire world is to fly.

Give. I believe in the saying that the more you give the more you get.

Hope. Humans, including myself, live of hope. Without hope we have nothing to live for.

Improve. I always strive for improvement in everything I do and in being myself.

July. I was born the fourth of july on America’s national day.

Kiwi. I love kiwi. I never eat it though…

Linger. I linger in the past more than I live in the now…

Miracle. I believe in miracles.

Never enough. Nothing is enough, not ever. Whether it’s about me or others, things or dreams, efforts or hopes.

Oak. I love oaks and want one in my garden.

Procrastination. That’s my expertise.

Questions. My head is always full of questions. More questions than answers…

Racism. I hate racism and can’t understand how people can judge others on such a level.

Songs. Songs can speak directly to your heart and that’s why I love music.

Time. I wish time didn’t exist. It’s too slow, too quick… all at once.

Understand. Sometimes i just wish that I could make myself understandable…

Veterinary. When I was a kid I wanted to become a vet.

Writing. I love to write and want to publish a book someday.

X…I can’t think of any X-word that has anything to do with me. Except for the fact that every word beginning with X looks abnormal.

Youtube. That’s a good way to waste some time.

Zoo. When I was younger I loved visiting the zoo. I think I still do but it was a while ago since the last time.

(Had to include ÅÄÖ as well, since I can. After all, they still are letters in the alphabet.)

Ångest. (Anxiety) I suffer from it from time to time, but then again, I think everyone does.

Äventyr. (Adventure) I wish I was a bit more adventurous.

Önskning. (Wish) I wish for a lot of things. But most of it will never happen.

I know I should nominate other blogs… but I haven’t had the time so I will just be thankful that I got nominated and hope that others will pass on this award.


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