Pick and mix

Easter break began with easter eggs and a movie with laughter and friends. I have been dancing and gone to cafées, discussed life’s greatness and wondered about our smallness.

Emma came by and baked with me. Then sweet people filled my sofa and a movie began on our tv. We tried to blow up a bottle of coke with mentos underneath the stars, but we failed miserably.


Ate a kinder-egg for the first time in, like, seven years, nostalgia.


Meeting with Athena and an evning with the sewmachine.

Ellen and Rachel visited me and we made avocado-hummus and ate strawberries, made pie and ate it with cool vanilla-icecream.


And an early night at Cornelia’s with games and a night-walk into town in the chilly air.

Found a ♀ on a tree.




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