Why do I live?

I want to feel inspired by life. I want to wake up and feel thrilled about being on the adventure called life. But the truth is that that isn’t the case the majority of my days. But this Monday I loved life, sun, ice-cream by the river, a night outside squashed amongst people. I want every day to be joyful no matter what I do. I want to be thankful for the friends I have, the things I’ve got and my family that supports me. I want to be thankful that I even have the privilege to wake up and breathe…

Everyone should be able to live their life on their terms. I am not here for you.


2 thoughts on “Why do I live?

  1. I love this post! Great video. We as women are almost expected to be flattered by male attention-whether it’s harassment or not. It’s outrageous, and ridiculous, actually. Stop telling women to smile! Fantastic blog(: care to check out mine? downwiththenorm.wordpress.com

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