Walpurgis Night and Back in Baby’s arms

Yesterday after school I sat on a café with Ellen, obsessing over 2048. Never heard of the game before she told me and now I can’t seem to stop playing it…


Then I met up with some friends to celebrate Walpurgis Night by going to buy food and then have a barbeque, play kubb, bake a pie, walk on a night-stroll in the woods and just have a good time. We were around 12 persons and at midnight people started to drop off one by one. I love these guys!


I slept over and today I took the buss to Umeå for a workshop to prepare for Back in Baby’s arms, a performance by Elin Lundgren. I arrived early so I met up with my dear friend Evelina and we went shopping and then sat down at Wayne’s coffee.

IMG_4633 IMG_4640

Today, first of May, the day when left parties in Sweden demonstrates, she had walked with F! (Feminist Initiative) and she saved her baloon. So jelly, I wanted to demonstrate as well…


We rehearsed for Back in Baby’s arms and were given information about the project to around half past eight. Then I jumped on the bus and went home. So now I sit in my bed, feeling cosy, wrapped in my duvet, still freezing from driving moped in minus two degrees celsius.


Klick on this link if you want to see what Back in Baby’s arms is (this is the documentation made when Elin did it in Malmö): http://vimeo.com/9201135


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